About the Journal

SOUTH SAHARA MULTIDISCIPLINARY Journal is an international peer-reviewed publishing house offering distinctive multidisciplinary areas covering major subjects in the social sciences in the fields of human resource management, strategic management, accounting and finance, supply chain, operation research, economics, public administration, communication, development studies, project management, education, and applied sciences.

As we provide a Journal on every trending research topic, this makes our Publisher brand so unique and a valid area to share your research work to be published. We encourage professionals, authors, and different individuals from the research network to produce, deliver, and empower access to the scientific and academic insights that are settling a portion of the world's greatest challenges and making a positive contribution.

We follow Preliminary quality checks from the initial stages of submission and the blind peer review process to enhance the quality of research papers and books before publication. Each issue provides practical-oriented original research findings, case reports, comprehensive reviews, and meeting highlights from major conferences around the world.t is published for a broad range of stakeholders, including scholars, researchers, executives, and policymakers. The Journal aids in the application of its research to practical situations and theoretical findings to the reality of the business world as well as to society.

Scope and Coverage:

SSMJ covers a diverse range of Business disciplines and social advancements, spanning across the humanities, communication, leadership, development studies, Liberal studies, and interdisciplinary research areas. The journal aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, facilitating the translation of Business knowledge into practical applications that positively impact society.

Editorial Board:

The journal boasts an esteemed editorial board comprising eminent consultants, researchers, and academics from prestigious institutions globally, regionally, and locally. The board members ensure that the highest standards of quality, integrity, and scientific rigor are maintained in the peer-review process. Their expertise and guidance play a pivotal role in shaping the direction and policies of the journal.

Peer-Review Process:

SSMJ follows a rigorous double-blind peer-review process where submitted manuscripts undergo thorough evaluation by experts in the relevant fields. The anonymity of both the authors and reviewers ensures unbiased evaluations, guaranteeing the publication of only the most significant and well-validated research.

On the peer-reviewed credibility front, our distinguished Editorial Board is comprised of researchers from around the globe. The board plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the Journal.

More details on special issues can be found at www.ssapub.com.

Publication Frequency:

The South Sahara Multidisciplinary Journal is published quarterly, with each issue featuring a collection of original research articles, review papers, and occasional commentaries or editorial pieces. The periodicity allows for in-depth analysis and comprehensive coverage of emerging trends and developments in the ever-evolving scientific landscape.

Open Access Policy:

SSMJ operates under an open-access model, which ensures unrestricted access to all published content. This approach enhances the global visibility and reach of the research published in the journal, enabling scholars from diverse backgrounds to benefit from the latest scientific findings.

Indexing and Impact Factor:

SSMJ's commitment to academic excellence has led to its inclusion in several renowned scientific databases and indexing services, such as Google Scholar, Index Corpenicus, and IP Indexing. The journal's high-quality contributions and widespread citations have contributed to a steadily increasing impact factor, reflecting its influence and significance within the business and management communities.

Ethics and Publication Standards:

SSMJ adheres strictly to the ethical guidelines outlined by international organizations, such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The journal prioritizes integrity, originality, and responsible research conduct, encouraging authors to follow proper citation practices and avoid any form of plagiarism or misconduct.