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Peer reviewers play a crucial and fundamental role in the peer-review process, which is considered the backbone of scholarly publication. The South Sahara Multidisciplinary Journal extends its invitation to competent academicians to join us as Reviewers, which is a matter of prestige and personal achievement. As a Reviewer, you will gain valuable publishing experience while connecting with experts in your field. We follow a strict set of guidelines when accepting an applicant as a Reviewer, as we believe that the quality of our journal is highly dependent on the quality of our reviewers.

To become a Reviewer, there are certain minimum qualifications that we require. Firstly, you should hold a Ph.D. degree from a recognized university. Secondly, you should be an author with a minimum of five publications in reputable journals. Additionally, it is important that you regularly read two to three journals that are most central to your area(s) of research. Please specify the journals that you regularly read, as well as where they are indexed. This knowledge of recently published research is critical in providing a reviewer with a knowledge base to evaluate a submission.

It is important to note that reviewing a manuscript requires a substantial investment of time. Therefore, we request that you only choose to become a Reviewer if you can invest the time on a regular basis. We value the time and effort that our Reviewers put into their work, and we believe that this investment is crucial in maintaining the high standards of our journal.

If you agree to become a Reviewer for our journal, you are also agreeing to and accepting the conditions laid down in COPE's Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers. We take ethical guidelines very seriously and expect our Reviewers to do the same. We believe that upholding ethical standards is essential in maintaining the credibility and integrity of our journal.

If you aspire to be a Reviewer for SSMJ, we request you to forward your present career profile to containing the following details mentioned on the Cover page: your complete name, email address, institutional affiliation, highest degree achieved, areas of expertise, and a list of your five most recent publications. We thank you for your interest in SSMJ, and we look forward to working with you in maintaining the high standards of our journal. You are also required to register with us using this link: Register